2021 Caryn Renae Sauvignon Blanc


65% Sauvignon Blanc (Ellman Estate Vineyard) and 35% Sauvignon Musque (Somerston Vineyard)

The 2021 Caryn Renae Sauvignon Blanc is a seasonal shift in the glass. From the first encounter with its brilliant citrine hue to the abundant aromatics, it is love at first sip. Aromatics of lithe tropical fruits— think barely ripe pineapple, kiwi and mango— comingling with classic boxwood, gooseberry and sea spray notes transport you to the sea in an instant. The palate boasts a myriad of flavors from fresh lemon juice and grapefruit zest to glacé apricots, with a scintilla of creaminess and bright minerality and a whisper of wildflower honey and honeysuckle— all coalescing in a crescendo of great focus and great intensity. The perfect jumping off point into an evening or a great conversation, adept at pairing with everything from your favorite nori maki rice crackers to fruits of the sea and beyond!