ellman estate

opening SPRING 2025

Since we first visited Napa Valley as a family in 2007, we knew immediately that this is where we wanted to be. As the third generation of our family business, thinking about the future generations of our family has always been a top priority. When you think of the world of wine, the old world regions like France, Spain, and Italy have been producing wine for thousands of years. There are dozens of generations of the same families tending to the land that has been passed down to them from their past generations. In Napa Valley, we have only been at this for just under 200 years. However, this perspective has allowed us to never take for granted the immense responsibility of stewarding our land for our own future generations.


Taylor Lombardo Architects

When we began construction on our family home on our vineyard, we were tasked with finding the best architect to bring our vision to reality.

Napa Valley is full of world-class winery designs from the likes of Howard Backen, Harry P. Johnson, and Kurt Melander. These were obvious candidates for our project. However, when we first spoke to Tom and Maurice of Taylor Lombardo Architecture, we knew we had found the team to create the exact style that resonates best with our family.

Taylor Lombardo Architecture has had their hands in some of the most awe-inspiring residential and winery designs all over the world. What they were able to do with our residence led us to believe there was no one better to work with for the design of ELLMAN Estate, not just to make the structure visually stunning, but also to maximize the functionality of the building.

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Hand crafted at home

Our goal since we purchased our vineyard in 2015 was always to have our estate winery sharing the same land as our vineyards. Knowing that Mother Nature is ever-changing and completely out of our control, having a full estate project gives us control in the only place we can ever really have it: the cellar.

With our winemaking team, led by Andy Erickson, we are confident we will create something truly exceptional here. Andy and his team have already started sourcing the most state-of-the-art production equipment for our cellar. From optical sorters, fermentation tanks, and ultra-premium barrels, to everything in between. This equipment will help us with our primary focus to be intentional in every step of the production process. Our team is focused on minimizing waste in every area we can, to seek to be as sustainable as possible out of respect for our land and community as well as improving the quality of wine we are able to make year after year to share with you. 

The opportunity to experiment with our brand is also at the forefront of our mind. We want to be challenged to always think outside the box. Whether it's with microlots, limited production runs, different varietal compositions, or anything else that pushes us to strive for constant improvement, having this space will make all of this a possibility.


welcome to ellman estate

The ELLMAN Estate will be a space not only to master our craft, but also to welcome all those who seek us out. Our focus will always be to create the most thoughtful, warm, hospitable, and intentional wine experience in Napa Valley. Pretension simply can not have a seat at the table during our experiences as we seek to create a space that welcomes wine lovers at every stage of their journey. From the first world-class bottling acquired by a new collector, to the discovery from a collector that has combed the world for the best wines from each region and each winemaker. At ELLMAN, you can always expect to be treated with nothing less than respect and attention. We share the idea of "unreasonable hospitality," understanding that one size does not fit all when it comes to experiencing Napa Valley.

We make the choice to refuse to be jaded every day, taking small moments to reflect on this breathtaking region. We do this to ensure we can and will always share in the excitement of our guests and collectors when they visit for their first time or their tenth. Welcoming you to our home to share our passion and excitement is the goal. Today and everyday.

Events and Collaborations

More than just tastings

The world of wine is intertwined in most every aspect of life. Whether it's language, history, geology, topography, the culinary world and the arts, we look to create a place where the collaborative mind is also a cornerstone of what we do. From hosting artist residences, fashion releases, music events, and so much more, this will be a place to push the boundaries of what a winery can be.

Whatever collaborations we bring to life, we will always make sure that wine and Napa Valley are the inspiration. We will create many special events to share with our guests in the coming years, not forgetting the first and most important, our grand unveiling. More details to come on that one.

thank you

lets stay in touch

As of today, we have our sights set on opening the ELLMAN Estate just before harvest in 2025. Though we know things can change with projects like this, we are confident to have our doors open to welcome you very soon. Stay in touch as we approach the date for more updates and invitations to visit.