In the heart of the ELLMAN Estate Vineyard, precision farming under Michael Wolf's guidance culminates in a pivotal moment: the annual blending session.

This is where the collective expertise of our team converges to assess and shape the vintage that will define the year. It's a meticulous process, reflective of our shared commitment and the excitement for what each new blend promises.

Join us as we unveil the lifecycle of our vineyard, a journey of dedicated craftsmanship from the first winter prune to the last grape harvested, all leading to the creation of wines that are a true reflection of our single vineyard's individual character.

Pruning: Crafting the Future

Pruning, usually done in the chill of winter, is an art of foresight and precision and sets the stage for the year's growth. With each calculated snip, we are not merely cutting; we are thoughtfully shaping the future of each vine, ensuring a focus of energy that will culminate in grapes of the highest caliber.

Cover Crops: Nurturing the Soil

The use of cover crops is vital to maintain soil health and biodiversity. These natural companions to the vines enrich the soil, prevent erosion, and foster a living ecosystem that is vital to the vineyard's balance. The selection of specific cover crops is tailored to the needs of the soil and the vines.

Budding: Anticipating Excellence

As buds break on the vines, the foresight in farming comes to fruition. The approach to managing vine vigor and strategic spacing sets the foundation for a wine's character and depth, a prelude to the excellence we strive for in every bottle.

Bloom: The Pivotal Phase

The bloom period requires a watchful eye, and our teams’ techniques are designed to support the vines through this delicate phase. Canopy management ensures adequate sunlight and air circulation, reducing the risk of disease and promoting even fruit set.

Verasion: The Transition

Verasion is a transformative time in the vineyard, and attention to detail is critical. By adjusting irrigation and managing leaf cover, we ensure that the grapes achieve optimal ripeness and flavor profile. Our approach to farming is adaptive, responding to the unique conditions of each season to coax the best from the vines.

Full Set: The Ideal Selection

As the grapes reach full set, the art of selection comes to the forefront. A balanced approach to cluster thinning ensures that each grape can mature to its fullest potential, a selective process that is fundamental to the layered complexity and intense flavors that
define ELLMAN wines.

Harvest: The Reward of Craftsmanship

Harvest time is a testament to the entire vineyard and winemaking team’s year’s work. The precise farming from the vintage leads to a harvest where each cluster is picked at its peak. Our hands-on approach ensures that the natural variations of the vineyard are expressed in every bottle, capturing the essence of the vintage and the terrior.

Dormancy: Preparing for Vigor

As the vines retreat into their dormant state, bracing against the colder weather, they are not idle. Our team’s approach during this phase lays the groundwork for the vigor to come. Through soil analysis and judicious nutrient management, we prepare the resting vines to emerge with vitality.

As the cycle of the vineyard comes full circle, we stand at the juncture of conclusion and a new beginning.

At ELLMAN Estate Vineyard each fruit set, now pressed and resting in barrel, is a promise to the future where the integrity of our process, the purity of our land, and the character of Napa Valley meet in a glass of ELLMAN wine.

With the close of the season, we toast to the year's labors, to the unwavering dedication of our team, and to you, awaiting the exceptional vintage to come.