The Most Beautiful Wineries in Napa Valley

If you like wine and vacations, then you’ve most likely heard of the wonders of Napa Valley, California. Sunshine, rolling hills, gorgeous wineries, delicious food, and all the ambiance to make your couples, friends, or family getaway one of your dreams are here for you in Napa. 

There are so many wineries to choose from in this magical valley; so, to make it easier for you we’ve detailed seven of the top venues in the valley that will be sure to leave you dreaming of your next wine tour. Gather your loved ones, pack a picnic (or eat at the venue), grab your favorite sunglasses and fun hat, and go make some memories. 

Cervantes Family Vineyards

This 1,100-acre ranch isn’t just a winery. It’s a place that will bring you back to a simpler time of rugged, unplugged, good old-fashioned fun. Cervantes Family Vineyards is situated in Napa’s last frontier, and there’s nothing better to have next to a roaring campfire than a glass of full-bodied red wine. 

Anomaly Wines

At the very bottom of the Mayacamas mountains is a quaint town called St. Helena. Nestled in its foliage is Anomaly Vineyards, specializing in high-quality cabernet sauvignon. Anomaly appreciates the ups and downs of Mother Nature, and its wines reflect the grace and exquisite uniqueness that comes with letting nature take the reins.

Skipstone Wines

Skipstone Wines knows that wine should reflect the land from which it came. This beautiful estate produces wines that it believes are honest and elegant. Everyone who visits the winery does so with a private reservation, so you are sure to have the individual experience of a lifetime.

Dana Estates

When the soil is rich, the fruit is as well, and the wine is exceptional. Dana Estates produces only the finest wines grown from the most fertile soil. Dana wines are made in small lots to ensure the utmost quality. 

Arrow and Branch

The Arrow and Branch vineyard is just northeast of Napa’s central city in Tulocay. The cool breezes sweeping through the Golden Gate combined with the early burning morning fog slow down the ripening process of the grapes, making them burst with flavor and character. 

Seven Apart

Seven Apart winery does not actually host public tastings or visits; however, valued members have the exclusive privilege of getting an inside look at how Seven Apart makes its exquisite wines.

Frank Family Vineyards

One of the best parts of a memorable winery is when they have a unique building. Frank Family Vineyards’ yellow Craftsman building houses the tasting room, which was voted as the “Best Napa Tasting Room” in 2022. 

Final Thoughts

We love wine, and we know you do, too. As you’re planning your trip to Napa Valley, don’t miss out on these enchanting wineries with the best-tasting wines in this area of California. You’ll be sure to taste wines with more flavor and a higher profile than you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll almost surely be checking another bag on your flight home that is full of wine! Whether you are looking to explore some of the best Napa family vineyards or Napa tasting rooms, ELLMAN has it all. We are one of the premier Napa wineries open and work with winemaker Andy Erickson to produce the best Napa Valley Andy Erickson wine. As one of the most established Napa family wineries, we also have Downtown Napa tasting rooms so you can try the wine for yourself. Check out our current ELLMAN wines on this page, or find out how to get in touch with ELLMAN here