Holiday Wine Pairing

Wine goes well with any meal, but when the holidays come around, it is time to break out the best options to pair with those delicious, cozy holiday meals. With the help of Ellman Family Vineyards and a few tips, you can become a master at pairing up the right vintage with the right meal.

There are a lot of opportunities to eat during the holidays. Pop a few corks and pair up those meals with some delicious wines, creating an excellent way to enjoy the holidays and bring in the new year.

Sparkling Wine

One of the best and perhaps most underutilized wines for parties is sparkling wine. Sparkling wine, champagne, and Prosecco can be a great choice to pair up with just about any of the usual holiday cuisine.

It provides a crispness to the event as well as a welcome bit of acidity, working in tandem with the largely rich sauces and creams of the holidays. You can pair sparkling champagne with something like pecan, cherry, custard, pumpkin, or apple treats to create the optimal tandem.

White Wine

There is nothing quite like enjoying a Christmas turkey with a nice white wine. Something lower in alcohol content while providing a bite of acidity can make for the perfect combination. Just about any holiday meu will have a higher fat and salt content, which means that more acidic wines can help to cut through all of the richness.

There are also some spices like nutmeg and clove that become muddied when paired with something of a higher alcohol content. You can keep balance in your palate by having a nice white wine, allowing the dish to retain its flavor and keep your palate looking forward to the next set of offerings.

Red Wine

For the more traditional holiday meals, there is nothing like adding a bit of red wine. That said, make sure that you go with a mild varietal that will not only complement but accentuate the offerings of your menu. It should be delicate enough that it does not overpower, creating the perfect partnership for guests.

Red wines that have a bit of spice or even fruit-forward flavoring can be great for providing balance while also adding flavors. It can also clean the palate after each bit, providing a smooth transition from bite to bite. Syrah is spicy, rich, and oaky; Pinot Noir is fruity, smooth, and has lower alcohol content; and Tempranillo is both smokey and spicy while providing a nice exotic flavor.

Up Your Pairing Game

Don’t be unprepared when the holidays come around. With the help of Ellman Family Vineyards, you can create the best pairings that leave everyone wanting more. Even better, it can elevate your holiday experience to a new level.

Whether you go for white wine, red wine, or something else entirely, you can find the right pairings for your gatherings. Soon, you will become the go-to person for holiday hangouts. If you are in Napa Valley looking for the most beautiful wineries in Napa, you have to check out ELLMAN. ELLMAN is led by winemaker Andy Erickson as one of the premier family-owned wineries in Napa. If you are interested in seeing what makes Andy Erickson wine so special, check out an ELLMAN Napa tasting room to try the wine yourself. To learn more about ELLMAN, one of the oldest family-owned vineyards in Napa Valley, check out our website here or get in touch with us today.