Downtown Napa Wine Tastings for a Rainy Day

Napa Valley is the hub for great wine and even better tastings. When the weather turns grey and gloomy, there is nothing like hitting a vineyard such as Ellman Family Vineyards and partaking in a tasting.

If you are looking for a little something to do on a rainy day, there are a ton of different vineyards worth checking out. Here are some of the most prominent vineyard-tasting experiences worth your time.

Frank Family

Getting the best taste of sparkling and still estate-driven wines has never been easier. Enjoy a private table and taste all the best offerings that Frank Family provides. The ambiance and wine tasting go hand in hand to create the perfect experience.

Seven Apart

A well-known name in Napa Valley, Seven Apart is a great place to try the famed Base Camp Vineyard taste. With different packages and tastings available, members and non-members alike can enjoy the finest bottles that Seven Apart has to offer.

Arrow and Branch

Arrow and Branch is a premium winery that offers some of its exclusive premium brands. Being able to enjoy a tasting means getting to try those premium offerings and seeing which ones work best with your palate—a great way to pay homage to true Americana.

Dana Estates

Making their home in the Mayacamas Mountains, Dana Estates is about creating wine in small lots that bring the major flavor. These are truly world-class wines that cannot be found at the average vineyard, creating a unique experience like no other.


Skipstone takes the time to aspire for perfection, from growing and farming to bottling and everything in between. They draw from the potential of the earth, creating some of the freshest wine tastings in the Napa Valley area.


With offerings throughout the week, Anomaly Vineyard offers some of the best-quality Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley. No matter when you find the need to get in on a delicious tasting, Anomaly can be there to meet that need.


Labry Wines specializes in Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rosé from vineyards throughout the Napa, Sebastopol, and Rutherford vineyards. Ed and Kim Labry bring their love of wine directly to the taste buds of wine lovers throughout the valley.


Based on a 1,110-acre ranch, Cervantes Family Vineyards is a high-profile winemaker creating two proprietary blends all their own. The Blacktail, in particular, is a great homage to the blacktail deer that make the ranch their home.

Enjoy All the Best Wine Tastings

There is nothing quite like wine tasting to enjoy a rainy day. It can leave you feeling warm and comfortable as the rain patters away outside. You just need to know where to look to find the best offerings.

ELLMAN and their affiliate partners can provide the best wine-tasting experiences around. Rainy day or not, you will have more than enough to do to keep yourself interested throughout the year. ELLMAN has one of the best Downtown Napa tasting rooms in the valley. With Andy Erickson wine, they work with winemaker Andy Erickson to create bold and elegant wines, perfect for a tasting at their new tasting room. As one of the premier family wineries in Napa, ELLMAN is also one of the most beautiful wineries in Napa. Do not wait any longer to check out one of the most beautiful Napa Valley wineries at ELLMAN. Book a tasting at their Downtown Napa tasting room on this page, or check out how to join our mailing list here to never miss out on any news. 

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