2019 Vintage Overview

Winemaker Notes: Andy Erickson, 2019 Harvest/Vintage

Growing Season

Looking back at the flavor of the 2019 wines, there is a ton of energy packed into every glass; making us think back to what led up to the growing season that produced such balanced, delicious, and concentrated wines. In the winter before the season, there was a lot of rainfall along with some rain in May to set up the vines for successful growth. Because there was basically no more rain in the rest of the growing season, vigor was balanced and shoots were strong - the weather was mild with sunshine, and temperatures only rose above 100 degrees two separate times.  

Harvest Season

With the mild weather and dry conditions, the growing fruit was beautifully developed - providing a generous yield; compared to the previous vintage (2018), this was only slightly less yield. By the time early October rolled around and harvest began, the grapes had ample acidity, elevated aromatics, and had fully matured color and tannin. This created a high-energy scenario in both the fruit and the wines that had resulted. 

The Results

The results in the wines had a remarkable purity of expression and brightness, but they were also dark and dense. The 2018 vintage was a hard act to follow, of course, but these 2019 wines are classic Napa Valley through and through, making the aging process in the coming decades an easy one. 


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