Each year, six to eight months before bottling, our team takes time to come together and assess how the previous vintage is shaping up. Last month, we focused on each individual component from the 2022 vintage.

“It’s important to gather the whole team together from time to time to taste and discuss our wines together. There is definitely a lot of shared excitement around the trajectory of both the wines and the winery. So much to look forward to.” says winemaker, Andy Erickson. 

With nine components, pulled as barrel samples, we were able to see the overarching style of 2022. From our last vintage of estate Merlot, to the second vintage of our estate Cabernet Franc, and each component from new vineyard sources, there was a tremendous amount of range to be seen at the table.

This is where science and art collide, taking what Mother Nature has provided in the vineyard, the fruits of a year’s worth of meticulous farming, to the art of blending. Being able to see each individual component and having the final picture painted in your mind, that’s a beautiful thing and incredibly rewarding to see Andy in his natural element.

These components will continue to rest in their barrels until late spring, when the final blends will be completed by Andy and his team. Once the final blends are completed, we will bottle the 2022 vintage, knowing this will be the first full vintage poured in the ELLMAN Estate once it is complete.